Murfreesboro Muslim Youth Inc

MMY After School Program for Grades 1 to 5

MMY After School Program for Grades 1 to 5

Student Information

Program Information

  • This service will be provided every MONDAY from 4 Pm to 7:30 PM (unless Schools are out) @ MMY Center (1480 Church Street, Murfreesboro).
  • Parents to drop off during that time, and pick up before 7:30. DO NOT BE LATE
  • MMY After-school program is a free service. Donations are welcome.
  • This is a "Come as needed service". Your child can come as they wish during the program hours. They are not required to attended every Monday.
  • This service is for grades 1 to 5 only
  • We will provide homework help and/or tutoring as needed.
  • This is not a fun or social activity.
  • Your child is welcome to come to do homework solo (we will have wifi and a couple of laptops. 
  • Parents are welcome to come seeking help with school communication or general questions.
Questions? message or email us.


Leal Waiver

You Must Print, sign and bring with you