NeuroDash Fund

NeuroDash is so much more than just a walk! While NeuroDash does include a one-mile walk around the historical Oakland mansion in Murfreesboro, attendees are encouraged to enjoy a morning and afternoon full of fun and interactive activities for all ages! The event will give participants the opportunity to explore virtual reality and simulating experiences, in order to engage in a new perspective, what it may be like to live with cognitive differences such as: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Visuospatial Neglect, Dyslexia, an array of mental health disorders, and much more! Come enjoy the live entertainment, food trucks, family fun games, and enriching environment, all while supporting a great cause. So, walk with us, learn with us, become the bridge with us!


Funds collected will be used in support of local organizations whose work directly benefits Middle Tennessee's very own neuro-diverse community!